Hello, nice to SEE you here! The six beautiful people below are a team of Masters students from the Johns Hopkins Center of Bioengineering Innovation and Design. We are headed to Madurai, India for the next three weeks, where we will be working with the Aravind Eye Care System to find and develop innovation targets in an effort to make eye care more equitable globally. We are incredibly excited, and hope this blog provides inSIGHT into our journey!

  • Nandri, Madurai

    August 22, 2019 by

    It’s been a busy two and a half weeks at Aravind. So much so, that we hardly updated the blog at all! But fear not, here come all the updates! Glaucoma Gang has been researching away in LAICO, while also interviewing some of the most knowledgeable glaucoma experts in the world including Dr. Krishnadas, the… Read more

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